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  • Internet connection setup
    plug your business in to the Internet!Want DSL or cable high-speed Internet service, but it all sounds daunting? Let me help you pick the right package with the right speed at the right price. I'll even help you order it! Once the necessary equipment arrives, I'll set everything up for you. You won't have to worry about a thing!
  • home networking setup
    If you've got more than one computer in your household or business, I can make them "talk to one another," so you can share files between them and print from one another's printers! How cool is that?
  • virus and spyware removal
    "Malware" plagues just about everyone's computers these days. Let me clean out the junk so you can enjoy your computer the way it's supposed to work. Once things are back to normal, let me install solid security software for you, and show you the steps you can take to prevent the bad stuff from getting back on your computer.
  • personal tutoring
    Need help with your iPod? Want to learn how to connect your digital camera? Don't know the first thing about surfing the Internet? Want to learn how to type up documents in Microsoft Word? I can help you with just about anything! My patience is endless, and no task you want to do is "too trivial." If it's important to you, it's important to me.
  • PC purchase assistance
    Don't have the first clue about what you need in a new computer? Tell me want you want to be able to do with your computer, and I'll find the right one for you: nothing more, and nothing less. You'll have the peace of mind that you got the right amount of horsepower without paying extra for stuff you don't need.
  • PC setup
    So you've bought a new computer, and you have no idea how to set it up? Sit back and let me take care of everything for you.
  • data backup
    Ever worry that you're going to lose years' worth of your Quicken financial info if your hard drive goes belly up? I'll set you up with an easy way to back it all up regularly so you can sleep at night.
  • small business consulting
    automate your office!CompuSmile is the perfect solution for small businesses needing technical guidance. Let me visit your company, assess your day-to-day activities, and identify the multitude of ways that PCs and the Internet can improve your business and lower your costs. Save yourself the expense of full-time IT personnel and trainers, and let me be your tech-staff-on-call.
  • web site design
    If you're a business, you need a web site. Read more about how I can establish a professional presence for your company on the Internet.

nothing beats hands-on, in-person help

Why knock your head against the wall for hours trying to talk to foreign-language phone tech support when you can have a friendly professional take care of it in a fraction of the time, with a fraction of the stress?

Why unplug the tangled mess of cords from your PC, dust it off, and carry it to a repair shop, only to find they can't duplicate the problem because the issue actually lay in your faulty printer, which you left at home?

get funky with technologyOnly with on-site service — by actually having someone come out and look at your computing setup in its entirety — can you be confident your issues will be resolved.

residential or commercial

Whether you're a casual home PC user, or a small business owner needing consulting services in lieu of a full-time IT staff, CompuSmile can help.

friendly, professional, and easy to understand

CompuSmile is a one-man-shop, so the same witty, intelligent, strapping young lad who wrote these words is the same guy who will be taking care of your computer woes. There's no "luck of the draw".

Working with people one-on-one is what I love to do, and it's where I really shine! Here's why:

  • I go out of my way to explain things in terms you'll understand.
  • I am in no way condescending towards people who happen not to be "tech gurus".
  • I never tire of "stupid questions".
  • I get warm fuzzies from seeing my clients truly understand something new for the first time.

Regardless of your computer-literacy, I can help you learn to get the most out of your PC. Think of it this way: the less you know about computers, the more I can help you!

Don't know technical jargon? Good, cuz I don't use it! I know how lost I feel in a car repair shop when they start yakking about "gaskets", "rear clips", and "tie rods", so I'll make sure you don't feel the same way when we're talking about your computer!

And despite my playful informality here, I do take my job very seriously. When you entrust me with taking care of your computing issues, I am diligent, efficient, and downright talented!

putting your best interests first

Helping people with their computers is my profession and my way of life, not a means to make a fast buck, so I'll never steer you in the wrong direction. If there are multiple solutions to your computer issues, I'll let you know the costs and benefits of each, so you can make an informed decision that suits your needs and fits your budget.

Furthermore, if I don't know the solution to one of your problems, I'll tell you so, and I'll help you find someone who does. And for what it's worth, I've got good connections!

drop me a line

By now, you're thoroughly convinced that CompuSmile is that right solution for your needs, so contact me, and let's set up an appointment!

Happy Computing!

Scott Quinby
CompuSmile, LLC


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