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at a glance
at a glance
direct client
indirect client
nature of work anything and everything related to PCs and the Internet
role subcontractor
time frame 2000.05 - present
status complete
in a nutshell I resolved a multitude of different technical questions from people in homes and small businesses.
Here's just a sampling of the many ways in which I helped my clients.
  • I helped Rick save $800(!) on a new PC by advising against his buying expensive features he didn't really need.
  • I walked Michelle Ricci through the process of building her own web site.
  • I helped Chip Nichols repartition his hard drive.
  • I helped moishier connect a video camera to his PC.
  • I taught nadine the basics of scanning pictures and documents.
  • I helped Chris Sutton select an MP3 player that fit his needs.
  • I compiled a thorough comparison of CPUs for Montasser Azzam.
  • I advised memac on how to overcome a problem she was having with Windows' power-saving features.
  • I advised KelliCo on whether her PC hardware would support Windows' DirectX technology.
  • I advised BigMac25 on the data backup options he had available to him and recommended a specific tape backup drive for his particular needs.
  • I helped angie get the best performance from her modem and ISP.
  • I tutored Takako Chen on using Macromedia Fireworks.
  • I discussed small-office networking options with Nick Burg.
  • I helped ronnie1951 construct a web site with frames for a web development course he was taking.
  • I helped Paul stop his computer from crashing on a regular basis.
  • I helped Dao Kanokwanle with some MIS-related questions for a college course of hers.
  • I fixed a problem that Tim Kraft was having in exporting an Excel file into an Access database.
  • I helped RayBtwo set up a LAN for his small business.
  • I walked BannerMan through the process of making an animated image of a waving flag.
  • I advised Jamie on forthcoming technology advances in laptop computers for a college marketing project.
  • I helped Angie Christoffersen defragment her hard drive.
  • I tutored Denny Young on how to burn his own music CDs.
  • I helped saint_peter3 create an autorun CD that automatically ran a particular PowerPoint presentation upon being placed in a PC's CD tray.

...and now I'm just plain tired of typing, so I'll leave it at that. :-)

see it for yourself
see it for yourself
My clients' comments say it all...


tools & technology
tools & technology

Since the work I did through collectively tapped all the skills I have, listing every type of tool and technology I employed in helping my clients would be a redundant, superfluous, unnecessary, supernumerary repetition of the skill set I've presented for myself elsewhere in this site.


In other words, please check out my expertise as I've listed in my credentials for a summary of the tools and technology that I used to help my clients. :-)
don't take my word for it!
don't take my word for it!

"Once again Scott delivers awesome, detailed help & advice!!! I highly recommend him for his wide variety of expertise."

member: "angiec"
regarding: hard drive defragmenting
date: 2000.08.27
(And thus was borne my wonderful working relationship with BioToBiz!)


"A truly helpful guy who made an extra effort to keep my costs low. "

Member: "tkraft"
regarding: Microsoft Access database troubleshooting
date: 2000.07.06
(And that's how WordKraft Business Writing became such a good client!)


"Great, friendly, easy-to-understand help. Terrific and fast service! Highly recommended! Thanks, Scott!"

member: "KelliCo"
regarding: hardware compatibility with DirectX
date: 2000.08.13


"Excellent advice. Managed to zoom right to the heart of what I wanted, despite its complexity."

Member: "mazzam"
regarding: extensive CPU performance comparisons
date: 2000.08.27


"Scott took me step-by-step through the whole process and went above and beyond the call of duty to get me the answer to my question!!!"

member: "dty"
regarding: writing data to recordable CDs
date: 2000.09.14


"Scott's advice was prompt and very valuable. He saved me many times his fee in the cost of my new computer."

Member: "rpc830"
regarding: PC purchase consultation
date: 2001.01.06


"Very quick to help and worked to find my level of understanding before presenting the solution. I highly recommend him."

Member: "nickburg"
regarding: networking for a small business
date: 2001.01.16


"Scott's extensive knowledge and friendly nature keeps me coming back for his services time and time again."

Member: "suttoc"
regarding: web site development
date: 2001.01.26


"Accurate - precise - complete; I am very pleased with Scott's response — and his price!"

member: "ejje"
regarding: explaining ".vxd" files
date: 2000.08.03


"Great answer — exactly what I was looking for!!! — Quick and cooperative, too!"

member: "saint_peter3"
regarding: PowerPoint presentation autorun from CD
date: 2000.10.20


"Scott's approach was first class. He was knowledgeable, courteous, and saved me many hours of wasted time."

Member: "BannerMan"
regarding: waving flag .gif animation
date: 2000.09.27


"Very thorough! Excellent response, extremely helpful, cute smiley faces added personal touch.

member: "CaliXena"
regarding: grammar
date: 2000.08.18


"I am very happy with my experience with Scott! He provided me with exactly the information I need."

Member: "RayBtwo"
regarding: setting up a LAN
date: 2001.02.16


"Very satisfied. He really was on the ball and went the extra mile for me!"

member: "grinnell123"
regarding: Internet research
date: 2000.09.08



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