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my history

(I'm on the left)In the summer of 1999, after far too many years of working for The Man, I decided to head out on my own.

Intoxicated by the many perks of my prospective self-employment (having a cool boss, sleeping-in 'til noon on occasion, and working in my PJs), the only thing left to figure out was what kind of business to start.

My natural inclination was to do something with computers, as that had been the focus of my interests, education, and career since I first laid my hands on a Commodore VIC-20 back in the early '80s. But with previous consulting stints having left me burned-out and unfulfilled, it was important for me to find something I was truly passionate about.

Thus was born CompuSmile, LLC, my personal freelance computer consulting business.

my services

In a nutshell, I help people in homes and small businesses get the most out of their PCs and the Internet.

Please make sure to visit the site's services section to learn more about what I can do for you!

my clients

Quite frankly, I can help anyone, from individuals to multi-billion-dollar international corporations.

For in-depth descriptions of representative work I've done to-date, please visit the site's portfolio section.

my mission

  • endear PCs and the Internet to those who might otherwise shy away from technology
  • educate novices and experts alike on how to make their computing experience more enjoyable
  • help people and businesses use technology to their best advantage
  • make computing fun :-)

my credentials

Good Lord! That requires a whole 'nother page!

my location

CompuSmile's world headquarters is nestled in the scenic outskirts of
St. Louis, Missouri, USA.


Want to know more? Drop me a line!

Happy Computing!

Scott Quinby
CompuSmile, LLC

*Mr. President


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